PA66 Rod

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  • Item: PA66 Rod
  • Type: Extruded
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Color: Natural
  • Diameter: 20mm to 130mm
  • Length: 1000mm or custom
  • Dimension Tolerance: +0%~3%
  • Package: Wooden pallet, wooden case or custom
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    Extruded nylon is the most important engineering plastics. The product is widely used in almost every fields and it’s the most widely used plastic of the five engineering plastics. There are many types of nylon, including nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 46, nylon 610, etc. However, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are the most important varieties and the output of nylon 6 and nylon 66 are dominant.
    PA66 is a translucent or opaque milky white to yellowish crystalline polymer made of condensation of hexanediamine and adipic acid. Compared with PA6, its mechanical strength, stiffness, heat resistance and wear resistance, creep resistance are better, but the impact strength and mechanical shock absorption are decreased. The products’ color of PA66 is cream.


    Property Items Test method Unit JING GU PA66
    Mechanical property Tensile strength ISO 527-1、2 Mpa 88
    Bending strength ISO 178 Mpa 110
    Bending tensile stress ISO 527 Mpa 90/-
    Stretching strain at break ISO 527 % >40
    Tensile modules of elasticity ISO 527 Mpa 3450
    Compressive stress under 1% and 2% normal strain ISO 604 Mpa 25/49
    Pendulum impact test ISO 179/1eA kj/m2 4.5
    Rockwell hardness   HR R115
    Physical property Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1.14
    Water absorption (23℃ water soak for 24 hours) ISO 62 % 0.6
    Coefficients of linear thermal expansion (23-100℃ average value)   m/(m.k) 80×10-6
    Flammability (UL) UL94   HB
    Heat resistance Melting point   255
    Temperature resistance (continuous)   100
    Temperature resistance (short time)   150
    Insulating property Dielectric strength ISO 60243 kv/mm 27
    Volume resistance ISO 60093 Ω·cm 1014
    Surface resistance ISO 60093 Ω 1013
    Relative permittivity -100HZ/1MHZ ISO 60250   3.8/3.3
    Chemical property Acid resistance     ﹢/0
    Alkali resistance     +
    Carbonation resistance     ﹢/0
    Aromatic compounds resistance     ﹢/0
    Ketone resistance     +
    Other Adhesion     +
    Friction coefficient     0.35
    Food contact     0
    Remark 1.Above data is only for reference.It may vary according to different processing method and sample.
    2.These data can’t be simply transferred to the finished parts.The applicability of materials for specific applications should be tested by the processor and user.
    3.These technical parameters are used as a help.They do not represent a promise of performance.
    4.Above specification “+” represents resistant, “-” represents resistless, “0″ represents it depends.

    1. Good dimensional stability
    2. Good slide properties
    3. Strong anti-friction
    4. High tensile strength and hardness over a wide temperature range
    5. Good machinability, good adhesion and good solderability
    6. Continuous use at high temperatures
    7. Up to 2.7% moisture absorption in a standard atmosphere
    Used in mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, electrical industry, automotive industry, instrument manufacturing and so on

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