Ningbo Yinzhou Qishan Nylon Rod Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., formerly known as Xiangshan Qishan Rubber&Plastic Products Factory, founded in 2002, is a specialized enterprise engaged in long-term R&D and production of high performance semi-finished plastic products.Until now, we have been focusing on the field of semi-finished products for more than 15 years.
Thanks to the long-term cooperation with plastic scientific research institutions and sustained investment in precision production equipment and independent technological innovation, we overcome many industry problems, own a number of invention patents and master the core technology of precision extrusion. The quality index of our products which is tested by the national authoritative testing organization have reached the international level of similar products. Now, we have become a powerful enterprise with R&D whose production quality can achieve the import quality in China.
In 2004, our first independent brand of JINGGU was founded that has enjoyed a high reputation in domestic market. Product categories includes Nylon, POM, PP, PE, PVC, ABS and other plastic products. It has served more than 30 industries and more than 1,000 well-known enterprises, widely used in machinery, chemical, hardware, shipbuilding, paper, cement, steel, automotive, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other industries. With its excellent quality, JINGGU has successfully replaced import products in various industries, solved the shortcomings of ‘Made in China’ in core technology, won respect and trust of domestic and foreign markets, and has became the leader in the manufacturing of high-performance engineering plastic products in China.
The precision extrusion technology of JINGGU rods has successfully broken the situation that core technology has been mastered by Germany, Japan, Switzerland and other countries, solve the common problems of domestic extruded plastic rods such as external diameter’s out of roundness, irregularity roundness of rod, radial dimension difference, axial dimension difference, bending straightness difference, internal pore, impurity, holes, crack and white core on inner core.
JINGGU carry out the elimination of internal stress treatment on semi-finished products strictly. For different plastic materials, we use the best annealing method and time control which is helpful to realign the inner molecular spherulites of plastic products to solve the warpage, deformation, cracking and dimensional instability that occur during the product finishing process.
With a deep understanding of product application and many years of innovation, JINGGU continues to lead the technological innovation in the industry and determined to improve the quality of materials in the field of high performance plastic semi-finished products. As a pioneer in this industry, JINGGU maintains excellent manufacture theory and professional literacy, aim to provide high quality products and create greater value for customers.